Cocoa Platform
Cocoa Platform


The Ghana Cocoa Platform is an avenue created by the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) with other supporting stakeholders to provide convening and coordination on technical issues beyond the topic of extension and into other thematic areas of the cocoa sector that would benefit from a public private partnership approach to cocoa development. The platform, through plenary sessions provides opportunities for a wider inclusion of sector stakeholders to discuss a mirage of issues that will have a positive impact on the Ghanaian cocoa sector.

The Platform is to be led by COCOBOD, with UNDP providing technical advice, facilitation and organization support to set up and run the platform. The governance structures set up will permit all the active stakeholders to provide leadership in the platform.

Objectives of the Platform

The goal of the Platform is: to boost sustainable production in Ghana´s cocoa sector through enhanced partnership and cooperation among stakeholders. The project aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

(i) Strengthen coordination and advocacy for sustainable cocoa industry

(ii) Identify bottlenecks and develop plans for improvement in priority areas of the cocoa sector, such as:

  • a. Policy frameworks for sustainable cocoa
  • b. Land use planning in cocoa landscapes
  • c. Up-scaling and replication of successful experiences

(iii) Lessons from the Ghana cocoa platform contribute to the global knowledge on National Commodity Platforms

Project Components

The project has two main components:

Component 1: Development and operation of the Ghana Cocoa Platform
  • Government awareness raised on the concept of a cocoa platform and governance structure agreed
  • Review of root cause and baseline report of the cocoa sector in Ghana
  • Platform stakeholders identified and invited to participate in the platform
  • Code of Conduct drafted for the cocoa platform
  • Platform plenary sessions functional
  • Platform Technical Committees functional
  • Technical studies prepared to support platform decision making
  • M&E system functioning
  • Communication strategy developed to report on progress and support feedback loop

Component 2: Ghana Cocoa Platform to contribute to Global Knowledge on National Commodity Platforms

  • Lessons shared with Ghana from other pilot commodity platforms
  • Lessons from the Ghana Platform contribute to global knowledge on Platforms

The Platform’s Implementing Agency (COCOBOD) is responsible for the overall implementation of the cocoa platform. The platform has four related bodies - the Platform Steering Committee (SC), Platform Plenary group, Platform Technical Committees and the Platform Coordination Unit (PCU). The Chairman of the Platform will be the Chief Executive of COCOBOD. This is highly advantageous as it brings a high level of government ownership and leadership to the Platform.

National Steering Committee (NSC)

The National Steering Committee constitute representation from COCOBOD, UNDP, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR) and its two implementing Agencies (Lands Commission and Forestry Commission), Coffee Shea-nut Farmer's Association (COCOSHE), License Buying Companies of Ghana (LICOBAG) and the Project Coordinator. The NSC meets twice a year to ensure that support to facilitate the platform process is progressing and also funds are being spent effectively. The Steering Committee also identifies strategic or operational changes needed to the platform.

Platform Plenary

The plenary sessions are created by the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) to all cocoa stakeholders including policy makers (government representatives), UNDP, donors, NGOs, certifiers, research institutions and other parties to receive presentations from the NSC and Technical Committees and socialize new ideas across the sector. These sessions provide time and space to allow all participants to express their views and share experiences.

Technical Committees (TC)

The platform Technical Committees (TCs) consist of members of the Cocoa platform that focus on technical objectives identified as a national priority. The TCs convenes to address the priorities and deliverables set by the Steering Committee, project document and define specific problems related to the deliverables, elaborate work plans for completing taskforce deliverables in a timely manner and inform Steering Committee and plenary on progress made on achieving the specific objectives identified by the platform.

Platform Coordination Unit (PCU)

The Platform Coordination Unit (PCU) provides technical advisory services to support organization and facilitation of platform operations, partnership building, conflict resolution, supervision of technical studies, M&E, and communications. The PCU direct and coordinate activities and also provide overall administrative functions including reporting. The PCU will consist of:

  • -    1 platform coordinator
  • -    2 facilitators
  • -    1 administrative assistant

These are supported by global level experts as follows:

  • -    1international advisor for corporate engagement and communications
  • -    1 international lead advisor for technical advisory

The PCU is supported by UNDP CO which administers the project and ensures day-to-day progress, and UNDP’s Green Commodities Facility providing quality assurance based on international best practice of Cocoa platforms. The financial management of the Platform is guided per UNDP Rules and Regulation.

Major Collaborators

  • Ghana Cocoa Board
  • UNDP
  • Lands Commission
  • Forestry Commission
  • Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources

Funding Agencies

  • IDH
  • Mondelez Ghana

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