About Us
Facilities and Services

COCOBOD has over the years successfully lived up to its mandate of facilitating and promoting the growth and sustenance of the cocoa industry in Ghana. The success story is owed to a well-structured set of agencies of COCOBOD that work together with synergy to provide most of the services and products required by various stakeholders in the industry.

Particularly COCOBOD and its subsidiaries and divisions are involved in the following operations;

  • Marketing of cocoa beans and cocoa products
  • Cocoa Quality Assurance
  • Evacuation/transportation
  • Research and training
  • Crop diseases & pests control
  • Crop rehabilitation projects
  • Farmer Extension Services

All these operations, handled by various subsidiaries and divisions of COCOBOD, are gracefully coordinated and blended together to yield good results for the cocoa industry and the national economy.