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COCOBOD introduced the CODAPEC programme (Mass Spraying) in 2001/2002 to control black pod disease and mirids (capsids) to prevent their effects on cocoa production. The programme comes at no cost to the farmer. Only mapped farms in good condition are considered under this exercise.


1. COCOBOD takes full responsibility of carting chemicals to the regions and districts for onward distribution to farmers through various task forces in

districts and communities.

2. The chemicals are allocated to farmers to arrange with supervisors of spraying gangs to plan spraying schedules to spray their farms


A) Capsid Control

1. A 7-member spraying gang (supervisor inclusive) ensures two (2) rounds of insecticides application in April/May and September/October respectively.

2. Cocoa farmers complement the first two (2) rounds with additional two (2) rounds in June and December

B) Black pod Control

1. First three (3) rounds of fungicides application spraying are carried out between 3-4 weeks’ intervals by COCOBOD in June, July and August/October.

2. Cocoa farmers are encouraged to work closely with the gang to identify which periods within the intervals to complement with additional three (3) rounds application of the fungicides

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