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Mass Pruning


Mass pruning is one of the Productivity Enhancement Programmes (PEPs) introduced by Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD). Pruning is the act of removing excess branches from a cocoa tree as a way of ensuring good farm maintenance practice.

In the 2018/2019 crop season, COCOBOD introduced Mass Pruning on a pilot scheme and following successful implementation of the programme, COCOBOD scaled up the exercise on healthy and mature cocoa farms with a 100% target.

Under a new arrangement by Management of COCOBOD, cocoa farmers have been encouraged to form Farmer Cooperatives to enable them plan pruning schedules to ensure that their farms are well pruned between February - April each year. COCOBOD

supports such associations with motorized pruners as well as technical backstopping to aid the activities of pruning gangs.


Pruning is an essential activity that precedes the Hand Pollination programme in cocoa farming and has the following benefits:

1. Promotes massive flower development and fruiting

2. Ensures adequate aeration and sunlight for photosynthesis

3. Controls pests and diseases outbreaks on farm

4. Eliminates deceased and weaker branches.

5. Promotes healthy growth of the plant and

6. Enhances the aesthetics of the farm

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