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Objectives and Functions of the Board

Get to know more about the function of our board in helping us achieve our goals and visions.

The main objectives of the board

  • Initiate programmes aimed at controlling pests and diseases of cocoa, coffee and shea nut.
  • Undertake and encourage the processing of cocoa, coffee, shea nut and cocoa waste with the aim of adding value for export and local consumption.
  • Undertake, promote and encourage scientific research aimed at improving the quality of cocoa, coffee, shea nut and other tropical crops.
  • Regulate the internal marketing of cocoa, coffee and shea nut. Secure the most favourable arrangements for the purchase, grading and sealing, certification, sale and export of cocoa, coffee and shea nut.
  • Purchase, market and export cocoa and cocoa products produced in Ghana which is graded under the Cocoa Industry (Regulations) (Consolidation) Decree, 1968 NLCD 278, or any other enactment as suitable for export.
  • Assist in the development of the cocoa, coffee and shea nut industries of Ghana.

All these operations, handled by various subsidiaries and divisions of COCOBOD, are gracefully coordinated and blended together to yield good results for the cocoa industry and the national economy.

The main functions of the Board

The functions of COCOBOD centre on the production, research, extension, internal and external marketing and quality control. The functions are classified into two main sectors; Pre-harvest and Post-harvest which are performed by specialised divisions of the Board.

Pre-harvest Sector

The Pre-harvest Sector functions which are performed by the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG), the Seed Production Division (SPD) and the Cocoa Health and Extension Division (CHED) deal with fundamental issues on actual cocoa production at the farm gate level.

Post-harvest Sector

The Post-harvest Sector functions are undertaken by the Quality Control Company Limited (QCCL) and the Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC) Limited.

The Post-harvest activities of COCOBOD start with quality control measures of QCC which farmers must observe to facilitate the acceptance of their produce at the buying centres by the licensed buying companies engaged in internal marketing of cocoa at the time.