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Cocoa Health And Extension Division

Cocoa Health And Extension Division


P.O. Box 3197 Accra


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P.O. Box 3197 Accra

Subsidiaries & Divisions / Cocoa Health And Extension Division

The Cocoa Health and Extension Division (CHED) is responsible for the control of cocoa swollen shoot virus disease, rehabilitation of old and unproductive cocoa farms and extension services.

CHED activities include sectoring and surveys in cocoa districts, treatment of infected farms, assisting farmers to replant treated farms with disease tolerant and improved hybrid varieties and conduct periodic re-inspection of treated and replanted farms to forestall reinfection of treated farms.

Activities under the Rehabilitation scheme involve cutting out old unproductive cocoa trees, replanting with improved hybrid varieties as well as reviving productive cocoa farms by assisting farmers to apply fertilizers, remove mistletoe and adopt best agronomic practices.

The Division also has the oversight and management responsibility of new Cocoa Extension System which operates in the context of a Public Private Partnership. It provides an efficient and cost-effective extension to cocoa farmers by assisting them to acquire knowledge and skills in good agricultural practices. Farmers are also trained in basic economics to orientate them to consider farming as a business venture which is impacting positively on farmer’s productivity, income and livelihood.

Bunso Cocoa College is part of CHED and serves as the training centre for staff of COCOBOD. The Cocoa College also hosts training programmes for other organizations and institutions including NGOs.

The College has excellent accommodation facilities to meet the demands of clients.