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How do we see the Cocoa Farmer?

How Do We See The Cocoa Farmer?

How Do We See The Cocoa Farmer? How Do We See The Cocoa Farmer?

COCOBOD recognizes the efforts of the thousands of cocoa farm families whose relentless hard work has helped move the cocoa industry this far. The farmers are often faced with challenges of pests and diseases that destroy almost a chunk of the crop each year. The Board has established the Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Disease Control Unit (CSSVD-CU) to help farmers fight this menace.

Also, to ensure sustainability of cocoa production in Ghana, COCOBOD has instituted several programmes that ensure good agronomic practices including training farmers how to preserve the fragile tropical ecosystem through pest and disease control measures that protect the environment. Another environmental programme includes working with cocoa farmers to encourage planting of timber trees – providing an extra source of income, limiting soil erosion and discouraging the removal of established tropical trees.

COCOBOD also has various corporate social responsibility initiatives that ensure the welfare of cocoa farmers: