Cocoa Price Update

The saying 'Cocoa is Ghana, Ghana is Cocoa' portrays the important role cocoa plays in the economy of Ghana. Cocoa employs approximately 800,000 farm families spread over six of the ten regions of Ghana. The crop generates about $2 billion in foreign exchange annuall

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The origins of coffee are more fairy tale than history. It's generally accepted that coffee originated from Ethiopia, but the story of Kaldi, a ninth century goat herder who noticed his flock was acting up after eating the bright red fruit of the Coffee arabica plant, is probably apocryphal.

It seems that coffee was first eaten as a food and only later was used as a beverage. The first brew was like wine. Fermented coffee berries were mixed with water to make an invigorating beverage. The first re

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The shea sector holds high potential for effective contribution towards rural poverty alleviation, particularly gender related poverty in northern Ghana. Almost all rural households in northern Ghana depend heavily on shea for their survival each year.


The crop which is mostly harvested, processed and sold by women, su

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