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Date: 23rd October 2021

Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) has organised a two-day workshop on organisational culture and business sustainability for its senior management.

The workshop was held for senior management to evaluate the ethos of the organisation, its inter and intra-departmental relations, corporate governance, and sustainable business practices, among others.

COCOBOD’s Deputy Chief Executive in charge of Operations, Dr Emmanuel Opoku, said in his opening statement that COCOBOD is on a path to reform its corporate culture and redefine its core values to keep pace with the demands of the current business environment.

He said that the dynamics of the international cocoa trade continues to change in ways that warrant modifications to COCOBOD’s internal processes in response to those changes.

In addition, the cocoa industry also faces huge challenges from both internal and external sources, and COCOBOD, as a leader and regulator, is most impacted by these challenges, he noted.

Managers of the industry, he advised, therefore, must be well prepared and willing to work together to manage or resolve challenges with precision when they arise.

“The only way we can do that is to practice the right culture and provide an environment where every staff member will fit in and be motivated to work and deliver, he asserted.”

He said the workshop is, as such, a critical first step that will strengthen the knowledge of management and equip them to lead the drive toward improving the operations of the organisation and creating a better working environment for all.

The Director of Human Resources at COCOBOD, Mr Randolph John Adei, said the workshop also aims to remind senior managers of principles and tools of management and engender the sharing of ideas to create a progressive corporate culture.

“Culture plays a very important role in any organisation. So, at certain times, we have to wait, look at whatever we have, take out the things that we think are outmoded and introduce values that are very progressive because society is dynamic and when things change, we have to also change in order to keep pace with time,” he stated.

Dr Edward Kwapong, the Chief Executive Officer of HR Perspective Limited and facilitator of the workshop said, “without an effective and healthy organisational culture a business cannot succeed”.

He said as part of the programme the senior managers will review the core values of COCOBOD, which will in turn aid in fashioning a new organisational culture.

He urged management to form a committee to design a plan to make the revised core values and reformed organisational culture pervasive within the organisation and guide its relations with partners and stakeholders.

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